Obligatory “this is not an April Fool’s joke” disclaimer aside: excited to announce that support for pay-what-you-want 1 subscriptions are now live! You can give it a test run on weeknotes.buttondown.email.

Setting it up is fairly easy; you go to your Paid Subscriptions page, hit the ol’ checkbox, choose a cadence, and you’re off to the races.

There are a couple fast follows (to use a slightly obnoxious term) that I plan on adding:

  • Support for minimum amounts. I dithered a bit on this one; I’m not sure how much I loved the concept of slightly perverting “pay what you want” into “pay what you want so long as at it’s at least this much.”
  • Expanding the Analytics pane to show more information about how much folks are paying. This will get rolled up into a larger workstream around making the Analytics page more focused on paid subscriptions. (If you have burning questions you want me to address, I’m all ears!)
  • The ability for subscribers to adjust the amount they’re paying without going through the resubscription flow.

That’s it! These blog posts are getting shorter and sweeter as time goes on, it appears, but I’m excited to see how people use this — probably the single most common paid subscriptions feature request (after PayPal support. everyone wants PayPal support.)

  1. I can’t decide if it’s “Pay-what-you-want” or “pay what you want” or “Pay What You Want”. I will probably, inadvertently end up with using all three styles in the course of writing this blog post. 

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