One of my favorite features in any app ever is Gmail’s “undo” feature. You are probably aware of this nicety if you’ve ever accidentally hit Send on something a few minutes too soon (or, if you are like me, you notice a typo literally right as you press the Send Button). What I find magic about this feature is that it transforms something that is a putatively immutable task (sending an email! Into the ether! where it can never be removed again!) into something significantly less so, over time deconditioning you (or at least me) from thinking sending email is something stressful and irreversible into something that doesn’t raise your blood pressure.

All of that is an overly verbose preamble to say something very simple: Buttondown now has an “undo send” feature. Buttondown already makes sure you really want to hit send by asking you to confirm your email, but now it goes the extra mile and lets you undo for up to two minutes.

Here’s what it looks like. Unexciting, I know:

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