The “annual plan upsell” is a classic piece of software marketing advice. Take it from the folks at Profitwell:

But having that money up front means that you can make more investment in your business, growing your user base and boosting your revenue.

A lump sum payment into your bank account can be a lifesaver for a new SaaS business. It can help cover customer acquisition costs and allow you to invest in your company, paying for office space, key new hires, and great SaaS services yourself.

(Ignore the fact that Buttondown doesn’t offer an annual plan yet. If you’re interested in one, email me and I’ll get you sorted.)

But! I digress. Annual plans are good for software business and they are good for newsletters for largely the same reasons. Lump-sum payments mean that you can have longer relationships with your readers, less month-to-month fluctuation, and better forecasting for the year ahead.

Which is why I am thoroughly pumped to have added annual pricing to Buttondown’s paid newsletters. It’s fairly self-explanatory, but take a gander.

Look at that subtle and yet deeply compelling upsell opportunity! 1

Or to give it a whirl in ‘real life’, try subscribing to Weeknotes.

This is part of a suite of upcoming work to make paid newsletters more of a first-class citizen on Buttondown. If you’re interested, I’m always open to suggestions.

  1. Don’t worry, I’m being mostly facetious. 

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