Squarespace is a great tool that makes it easy to create beautiful websites. You can enhance your Squarespace site by connecting it with Buttondown — making it easy for site visitors to sign up for updates to your newsletter.


This tutorial assumes that you have a:

  1. live and working Squarespace site with a page that’s ready for adding a new content block
  2. Buttondown account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here!

Getting your share form

First, head on over to your Share page and click as a form. You should see a code snippet that’s captioned with Your buttondown subscribe form:

This is the HTML snippet that we’ll be bringing into Squarespace.

Adding it to Squarespace

Head over to the Squarespace page you’re looking to add your Buttondown form to and create a content block. You should see a menu like this pop up:

Type in “Embed” and choose the option that pops up:

Next, type in the URL of your newsletter:

Next, hit the Gray code icon that looks like </> to the right of the text box.

A window that says Embed Data should pop up. Copy and paste your share form from Buttondown and press Set.

Hit Apply and you should be good to go! You should now see a Buttondown form on your Squarespace page:

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