Scheduled emails has always been an important part of Buttondown’s platform.  I use it every time I send out a newsletter update, whether it’s a new feature or a weekly update.

And — without beating around the bush too much — you can now schedule emails through the API!  With a simple API request, you can now schedule an email to get sent out next Tuesday!</figure>

Or with just a handful lines of, say, Python code:

import os
import requests
API_URL = ""
ENDPOINT = "/v1/scheduled-emails"
data = {
"subject": "Check out this email from the API",
"body": "Hopefully the content is dope!",
"publish_date": "2020-05-08T12:00:00"
}"{API_URL}{ENDPOINT}", data ,headers={
"Authorization": f"Token {API_KEY}"

And of course, this works out of the box with any other way you might want to use Buttondown’s API — like, say, Siri Shortcuts or Zapier.  Because APIs are neat.

(If you’re not familiar with Buttondown’s API, check out our schema and head over to your Settings page to grab your API key!)

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