Hi, friends!  This was a great month in Buttondownsville (Buttondownia?).  I was able to take care of a huge number of paper-cut issues and build out some exciting infrastructure for the next few months.

Even nicer analytics graphs

Look at these new graphs!  They're beautiful.  They're wonderful.  They're straight-up lovely.  And they are all thanks to the c3 package, which I'm slowly migrating our visualizations to.  (Sorry, Frappe.)

Notably, you can now see how many unconfirmed users you have, if you've enabled double opt-in on your account.

Ghost integration!

Our Ghost integration is now live!  Woop!

Support for sending from custom domains

Okay, no exciting GIF here, but.  You can set up SPF/DKIM records if you want to send stuff from your own domain.  Intrigued? Email me.

What's Next

Hoo boy I'm excited for March.  The plans:

  1. Zapier integration.
  2. Allow creating emails from the API.  Meant to get to this in February, but was unable to.
  3. Launching Premium subscribers.  Sorry for bailing on this for like six months, but I wanted to make sure the polish was there — and it almost is!


Buttondown wouldn't be Buttondown if it weren't for the support of lots of kind folks who share it with others, report issues, suggest features, send emails, and — of course — pay me.  In particular, this month I'd like to thank:

  • Jack, for being a very patient guinea pig for testing custom domain routing
  • Mikkel, for suggesting a now-live SmartyPants integration
  • Craig, for sharing Buttondown
  • John and Kym for working with me to launch the Ghost integration

A GIF for your troubles

Have a good one, y'all, and always feel free to email me if you need anything!

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