Welcome to February, y'all! Seattle saw its first snow of 2019 last night, which is always an event worth celebrating. I'm writing this from a friend's couch and watching a very slow Super Bowl (and a very mediocre Maroon Five performance.)

Some new stuff from January:

Rich text copy/paste

I'm super pumped about this one! You can now copy and paste HTML or rich text from sources like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or random web pages and Buttondown will automatically convert it into Markdown.

A more prominent draft information pane

This looks small but is big — we've rearchitected the draft view to add this little information pane. Right now, there are just two things — the link checker and the word count — but it will get more helpful and complex over time.

(And yeah, okay, y'all win. There's a word counter now.)

Better introspection into incoming subscribers

We've enhanced the subscriber information chart in the Analytics page to show more information about where those subscribers are coming from!

Upcoming work

Some stuff I want to work on more in February:

  1. Continuing to clean up the new incoming subscribers analytics. (It's still very rough around the edges.)
  2. Allowing you to filter subscribers by source or referral URL.
  3. Allowing you to disable or enable various sharing integrations.
  4. More work towards enabling multiple newsletters for a single account. (This won't get done in February, but it needs refactoring. So much refactoring.)


It is a wild understatement to say that Buttondown would not exist or thrive without the support of the folks that use it, pay for it, write about it, report bugs about it, suggest features for it... you get the idea.

In particular:

  1. Thanks to Ben for suggesting the rich text copy and paste.
  2. Thanks to Max for suggesting the improved introspection into subscriber sources.
  3. Thanks to Sonya for reporting an issue with subscriber confirmation.
  4. Thanks to Kai for sharing Buttondown on Dense Discovery.

A gif for your troubles

Have a good one, y'all, and always feel free to email me if you need anything!

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