It's really, really summer here in Seattle; the past few days have been what we tend to call Juneuary (sixty-six and overcast), but it's starting to get back into the swing of things. I'm writing this (a couple days after the start of the month, as is tradition) and then heading off to bike up north to luxuriate in the sunshine.

Newsletter Icons

It's tricky to balance the minimalism of Buttondown with the fact that your newsletter is, well, yours. To that end, I've introduced nice little icons with which you can adorn your newsletter — they'll show up on your archive pages, in your favicon, and in your meta tags. Upload one in your settings page!

Sending Drafts

Sometimes you need another pair of eyes on your draft. Sending a draft to yourself and then forwarding it is a hassle — this makes it a little bit easier.

Gist embedding

Need to share code? Just drop in the URL for a gist and it'll get automagically embedded.

Giphy embedding

Need to share GIFs (just as important as code!)? Just drop in the URL for a Giphy GIF and you're good to go. (Regardless of how you choose to pronounce it. I don't care, I promise.)


You know the deal — roadmap in flux, I have the capriciousness of an old man, etc. etc. Still, I am pumped (as ever!) for what's coming out this month:

  1. More paid subscriptions stuff. (It's getting so close, y'all. Just making sure to dot my i's and cross my t's.)
  2. Take another stab at the settings page. This is boring work, but the number of settings has grown really large over time, and it's looking a bit like an overgrown jungle at the moment.
  3. Improvements to deliverability speed and reliability. (There have been some issues with the IP we're using that I'm looking to resolve permanently.)

A gif for your troubles

The snoot must be booped.
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