It's a quiet Sunday here in Seattle; the sun hasn't quite imposed its will on the streets and shops yet, and I'm here wrapping up a couple small bugs. (Er, bug fixes, not bugs. But probably some bugs too.)

Here's what's new this month!


The new analytics page is live! There are still a few edge cases that are rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy it (and let me know if there's anything that explodes.)

Code handling

Code blocks now work, like, way better, as seen above. (Plus: built-in syntax highlighting! Check out the documentation for more details.)

Vimeo embeds

Adding a Vimeo video to your email is as easy as dropping in the link, as you see above. (More context: email clients don't support actual videos, so what we're doing here is generating a thumbnail of the video, adding a play button on top, and making it a link to the actual video!)


As always, my product backlog is somewhere between "flux" and "unmitigated" chaos, but here's whats on the docket for June:

  1. Launching the beta for paid subscriptions. (Does this sound interesting? Get in touch.)
  2. Support for newsletter icons.
  3. Sending drafts to folks besides yourself. (Meant to do this last month. I got...sidetracked.)

A gif for your troubles

Efficient and Appealing
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