Howdy! April had a lot of stuff — 184 commits, to be exact! — and a lot of that was laying groundwork and paying off technical debt, as well as some general performance improvements and housecleaning. Still, we've got three exciting things to share:

YouTube embeds

Adding a YouTube video to your email is as easy as dropping in the link, as you see above. (More context: email clients don't support actual videos, so what we're doing here is generating a thumbnail of the video, adding a play button on top, and making it a link to the actual video!)


Y'all got questions, and a lot of them are very similar! (Which is more a condemnation of how troublesome and unintuitive parts of the interface are — which is on me, of course.) So here is a central repository for all of that, lovingly hosted by Notion.


See that lil checkbox in the bottom-right corner? It will automatically save all your new drafts! Don't have to worry about accidentally refreshing or navigating away or any of that pesky stuff.

Upcoming updates

My product roadmap is, as ever, prone to flights of fancy, but here's what's on the docket for May:

  1. A standalone analytics page, filled with pretty graphs and big numbers (and a couple vanity metrics, just for good measure). This has been in the works for a while and I'm so excited to finally share it with y'all!
  2. Gist embedding and better code handling. I promised this last month and then promptly forgot about it.
  3. A very commonly requested feature — sending drafts to folks besides yourself! I need to bake out the experience of this a little bit more, but I'm pretty excited about it.

A gif for your troubles

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