Hey there! March has had a bunch of stuff arrive in the ol' Buttondown codebase, mostly on the smaller side of things. Here's the quick laundry list:

Sort your subscribers

Coming shortly after publishing this — sorting by tags, as well!

Redesigned archive pages

Easier on the eyes. (No changes to the actual emails being sent.)

Streamlined billing flow

Okay, yeah, you might not be too excited about this, but it's a big deal I promise.

Public API launch

Still in the process of baking out more documentation, but it's live! If you're curious about this, feel free to email me.

Upcoming updates

My product roadmap is, as ever, prone to flights of fancy, but here's what's on the docket for April:

  • Adding an FAQ page (or knowledge base or whatever we want to call the whole idea of enshrining knowledge someplace that is publicly accessible.)
  • Nicer display of code in emails and archives.
  • Some boring technical debt stuff.

A gif for your troubles

Imgurians on the camp now.
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